Saturday, May 03, 2008


Most of us know when we see an ‘M’ on the back of the BMW passing us on the freeway, there’s virtually no way we’re going to catch up. The ‘M’ division BMW has recently revealed its latest concept – a tribute to their first mid-engine supercar originally manufactured by collaborative efforts of BMW and Lamborghini thirty years ago – the M1.
In the world of supercars, the M1 certainly looks like it will hold its own – an effortless blend of retro cool with revolutionary elegance. The new Liquid Orange M1 may only be a concept right now, but just know if you see those beady headlights quickly approaching from your rear view mirror, move out of the fast lane – you’re about to be overtaken! By Andrew J Wiener

Thursday, May 01, 2008

ERAU Library and Learning Center

So today I was flipping through the AZRE Magazine, and there it was... my baby! He looked so handsome and so the best! I loved it! I can't believe it, a year and half of fun and excitement and there it is... the library. The students and faculty love it, and think it is the best. It makes me so proud, and so happy that they are enjoying it. I went around the office showing Gary, Prem, and Ben. They all were excited as me. We haven't even gotten our pictures yet and there it is, in a magazine. YEAH!