Friday, July 08, 2011

48th Annual ISNA Convention: Loving God, Loving Neighbor, Living in Harmony

Friday July 01, 2011

Islam, Pluralism and Social Harmony

Description: America finds itself at a crossroads with a financial crisis at home and war abroad. At every critical juncture in history, social movements—from civil rights to anti-war—have brought people of all races and creeds together around common values and aspirations. This session will offer reflections on the collective movement that is needed for our times, and the sacred place of love and non-violence in realizing the call for social harmony in a pluralistic society.

Speakers: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
Ingrid Mattson
John Esposito
Zaid Shakir

Saturday July 02, 2011

Role of Islamic Tradition in Addressing Contemporary Challenges-Conversation Between Tariq Ramadan and John Esposito

Speakers: Tariq Ramadan
John Esposito

Sunday July 03, 2011

Inclusive Mosques in the 21st Century

Description: When we create sacred spaces that affirm human dignity, we acknowledge the spiritual potential of all who enter. The inclusive mosque synthesizes our architectural legacy, recognizes the contributions of women and welcomes those seeking answers. This session presents steps to ensure mosques are places that give life to strong, loving communities that stand against injustice.

Speakers: Akel Kahera
Maryam Eskandari
Aisha Al-Adawiya

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sacred Space: Islamic Architecture 2.0

July 1, 2011 | Illume Magazine

Maryam Eskandari interview with ILLUME Magazine

How did you become interested in architecture and why is it important?

I was introduced to architecture through my paternal grandfather. Each summer I would spend time with him in Iran, and got acquainted with the world of construction and architecture. He started off with a few lessons of drawing the living room, gradually we moved towards outdoors and by the end of the summer, he had me designing and I help him redo the interior of his house. That summer I was 15 years old and I knew I wanted to be an architect.

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