Monday, June 11, 2007

Designers become Designer brand

When do architects become designers for other brand name designer labels like Tiffany and Co., Puma, Targert and etc? Are they still architects or have they gotten so indulged into the role of a designer that they think that they have to design everything?

Designers like Frank O. Gehry, who already have the "brand" label, who have the name on there own. Do they really sell there names or is Tiffany and Co selling Frank's name?

Frank Gehry isn't the only one who has gone this route. Phillip Starke and Michael Graves have also joined Gehry in this venture. Starke designed shoes for Puma and Graves has a whole line of home products at Target. So are these "designers" architects or are they just "designers" that design products and buildings? Which is better, being an designer architect or just an architect. I think that if anyone were to ask me... you would know which is my answer.