Sunday, June 03, 2007

When it comes to architecture, where do we stop designing? And when years have gone by and future architects look at our work, will they know, what "future" architect of its time designed that?

What is the next step of the future architects? Will be folds, blobs and boxes? What makes this generation so different then the past generations, and what will make us stand differently from the Frank's ( Wright and Gehry) , the Hadid's , Koolhause's, Kahn's and Mies'?

What will it take for a Islamic architecture, to start reforming and be parrallel with the religion itself? What next generation of architects will start creating conteporary and modern Islamic Architecture?

And can we get architecture and space to be constanlty in motion? Just like the way the planet earth is constantly in motion? Can a space be created so that it is always changing with time, and that it is never experience the same?

What is the next generation of architecture; Where is the next modern Mosque and what is architecture in motion?