Sunday, September 09, 2007

the bourj Milad.... a beautiful piece of Architecture

the bourj while driving @ the speed of 65mph @ 2.30 am

the groom's car... only in Iran would a girl have flowers put on a car

Designers anyone?

for everything else thier is Mastercard... it is everywhere you want to be

D-Z...hmmmm delicious!

Me working the D-Z in a traditional place... this place was gorgeous

catching up on my Daily show even in Iran... and then watched the Departed
Bourne Ultimatum and Borat

On the train @ 5am...

Highrises and skyscarpers everywhere you go...check out the plasama tv...

water? or should i say VATA, the world's strongest man drinks VATA

the Shah's Royal Royce... felt so sorry for them

The Shah's bathroom... I wonder which one he would use know which one i used!?

Tehran's Contemporary Art Museum, and my mom OBESSION with this piece

Found a street that belongs to me... MARYAM ST

Iran trip: captured in time