Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ground Breaking of Phoenix College Fine Arts

Ground Breaking of Phoenix College Fine Arts

Phoenix College Fine Arts Building
28,000 GSF | Phoenix, AZ

The Fine Arts Building at Phoenix College manifests the desire to create a “landmark facility” at the northern end of the campus. The building celebrates and reinforces the Art curriculum. A state-of-the art facility will enable the College to attract visiting artists to exhibit, lecture and teach within the building.

The Fine Arts Building incorporates three art departments: Photography, Graphic Arts, and Media Arts all arranged to ensure interaction and interdependence between the programs and the surrounding Valley community. As a result, the design concept ensures interaction, visibility and synergy between the users.

The two-story facility defines a landscape courtyard or enclave for the art students with a private interior courtyard for contemplative thought and inspiration. The facility’s public fa├žade is highly visible and with open space for exhibits held within the gallery.

The ground floor houses classrooms for ceramics, glass and sculpture students, with drawing, painting, computer graphics and photography classrooms on the second floor. In addition to an auditorium and exhibition gallery, a rooftop terrace above the gallery provides an open-air gathering space for after-exhibit celebrations. Floor openings for many of the classrooms promote faculty and student interaction.